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Home Safety Inspections

Air Conditioner Tune-up and Home Safety Inspection

Opt for our Air Conditioner Tune-up service and you will get an assured 100% profit in energy conservation – else your entire money back!

Skilled technicians will conduct a precision tune-up and a professional cleaning up service. The service takes 60-90 minutes to complete and includes the below mentioned operations: 

  • Checking the Thermostat for smooth operation, level and calibration
  • Checking the Bearing for lubricate and wear
  • Checking the safety devices for smooth functioning
  • If accessible, cleaning the indoor coil
  • Examining the fan's blade
  • Calculating the Blower Motor's amperage and voltage for perfect functioning
  • Examining and testing the capacitors
  • Flushing and treating the Condensate Drain with anti-algae
  • Monitoring the Refrigerant's operating pressures
  • Cleaning the air purifier (as per requirement)
  • Examining the duct work for power loss
  • Checking the condenser coil
  • Cleaning the condenser coil and removing the debris
  • Monitoring the Compressor, calculating its amperage, draw of volt and the wiring connections
  • Checking the Electrical Disconnect Box for installing it safely and appropriate rating
  • Examining the service valves for smooth functioning
  • Checking and tightening the connections of the Electrical Wiring
  • Calculating the difference in the Supply/Return temperature
  • Testing contactors for pitted or burnt contacts
  • Checking the electrical cables for exposed wiring

Furnace Safety Inspection, Clean-up and Maintenance Services

Never let your furnace lose its efficiency with our yearly Clean-up and Tune-up services. Opt for our FREE Carbon Monoxide test and protect your family. For your furnace Tune-up, you will obtain 100% profit in energy conservation PLUS receive an Absolutely FREE carbon mono-oxide text.

Seasoned technicians from Derek Sawyer's will conduct a precision tune-up service along with professional cleaning. The service will take 60-90 minute and will include:

  • Cleaning and checking the Heat Exchangers
  • Cleaning and checking the Furnace Burners
  • Examining the Safety and Control Circuits for appropriate functioning
  • Cleaning and lubricating the air vents in blower motor
  • Examining and tightening the connections of the electrical wiring
  • Inspecting the air flow duct system for harmful carbon monoxide
  • Checking the exhaust system for appropriate venting
  • Lubricating all the moving parts
  • If necessary, checking and tuning the fan belt's tension
  • Checking and cleaning both the upper as well as lower Combustion Vents
  • Cleaning the air filter
  • Checking around the furnace for any combustible element
  • Certifying the heat exchangers with HydroScan™ for hazardous wear and cracks
  • Examining the Thermostat for smooth functioning, level and calibrate
  • Checking for any natural gas leak
  • Checking and testing the ignition system for proper functioning
  • Cleaning the outer surface of the exterior
  • Calculating and adjusting the gas pressure for peak efficiency
  • Calculating differences in the Supply/Return temperature
  • Calculating the voltage and amperage of the blower motor for smooth functioning